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Sunday, 18 March 2018

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Buying Tips

Things to remember when you’re buying a property:

Don’t fall in love with the decor
The decor in any home can be changed for a fraction of the purchase price in most cases around 5%.

Location is paramount
The value of any property is based more on location then any other factor.

Renovations are expensive
If the prospective property needs renovating to suit your needs, check the renovation price before you buy. It may be more then you think!

You can’t beat the beach
Coastal locations consistently out perform other areas in respect to capital returns.

Check the land value
Homes depreciate in value, whereas land appreciates. Make sure that the value of the land is more then the value of the house.

Make sure your Offer to Purchase is in the right name
The Offer to Purchase is legally a Sale Contract. If you want to change the purchaser details you might have to pay extra in Stamp Duty.

Don’t be fooled by a home’s presentation
Homes that look a little un-loved are often the best bargains.

Minimise you conditions
Sellers don’t like Condition of Sale. Stick to placing the essential conditions only.

Make a realistic offer

Un-realistic offers are very rarely accepted and can frustrate a purchase